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Bruno's Homeroom Class

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Am I required to quarantine my child?

No, the decision to quarantine is voluntary and is a parent choice.


Will my child’s absence be excused if I decide to quarantine?

Yes, all students that are quarantined will have their absences excused.


How can I get my child’s make up work if I decide to voluntarily quarantine?

You can check Schoology for assignments and email your child’s teacher if you have questions regarding assignments.


Can my child get a school computer to bring home?

We are unable to send computers home at this time.

How many days is my student allowed to voluntarily quarantine for?

7 days from date of exposure. 


If my child was not at school during the exposure date, does this apply to my child?

No, this would not apply to you.

If someone in your household tests positive for COVID, is quarantine required for my other family members? No, quarantine is not required. It is the parent's decision. If quarantine is deemed necessary by the parent, the length of time is up to 7 days only. 

• Our school policy for student positive cases will remain out for 5 days. Students may return to school if asymptomatic and receives a negative diagnostic test (tested when asymptomatic), doctor's note, and symptoms have improved. 

• Please continue to complete the absent form below when your child is absent from school.