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Daily Cases = 0
Total active cases at this time = 4

AATF families will not be notified individually regarding COVID cases. The information will be updated every weekday at 3:00pm.

If your child is in the following class(es) there is a possibility that they have been exposed to a positive case. Please see below for more information.



No new cases to report


Exposure Date 9/17/21

Gilmore Homeroom

Ms. Garren 1st Period

Ms. Garren 2nd Period


Exposure Date 9/16/21

Reutimann Homeroom


No new cases to report


Exposure Date 9/14/21

Daughtery Homeroom

4/5 Specials Group 5


No new cases to report


No new cases to report


Exposure Date 9/8/21
Verner's Homeroom

4/5 Specials Group 3


No new cases to report

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Am I required to quarantine my child?

No, the decision to quarantine is voluntary and is a parent choice.


Will my child’s absence be excused if I decide to quarantine?

Yes, all students that are quarantined will have their absences excused.


How can I get my child’s make up work if I decide to voluntarily quarantine?

You can check Schoology for assignments and email your child’s teacher if you have questions regarding assignments.


Can my child get a school computer to bring home?

We are unable to send computers home at this time.

How many days is my student allowed to voluntarily quarantine for?

7 days from date of exposure. 


If my child was not at school during the exposure date, does this apply to my child?

No, this would not apply to you.