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The Academy at the Farm 4-H Club is for students in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade. All high school aged students must have graduated from Academy at the Farm. Students who are in our 4-H Club meet in the evenings from 6:00-7:00 on the following dates:


September 10th 

September 24th 

October 8th 

October 22nd 

November 5th

November 19th 

December 10th 

January 14th 

January 28th 

February 4th 

March 3rd 

April 14th 

May 12th


They also participate in various community service activities, camps, and livestock shows. 4-H offers many opportunities to our Academy at the Farm students. Our main focus in our 4-H club is livestock projects, but we are open to assisting with any other projects that a student is interested in. The 4-H club is entirely run by teacher and parent volunteers. When a child signs up for 4-H we expect them to complete some type of 4-H project within their first 2 years as a club member and to continue to complete projects once they have finished one.  Parent involvement is a critical part of 4-H as most of the responsibilities are that of the club members and parents.


To learn more about 4-H please visit this link!


To learn more about AATF 4-H please contact:

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