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*Providing a comprehensive learning experience in a scenic and natural environment.
The Academy at the Farm Preschool believes that by maintaining low student to teacher ratios we are able to provide small group instruction, hands-on learning experiences, and create an individualized curriculum that improves academic achievements, strengthens values, and creates lifelong learners.  The teachers of our preschool are committed to helping each student reach his/her full academic potential.
Curriculum and Learning
  • Our Preschool is a mixed aged environment for children ages 3 - 5.  
  • Our curriculum is designed to be developmentally appropriate and open ended in order to meet the needs of our students.
  • Each child is able to progress and learn at his/her own pace.
Mixed Age Environment
The benefits of a mixed age environment include:
  • We resemble a family life (all children are able to experience being the youngest, middle, and oldest)
  • Reduces pressure children feel when they are expected to master something they are not ready for
  • Children remain with the same teacher for two years.  
  • They are able to revisit the curriculum on a deeper, more complex level.
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