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ESE (Exceptional Student Education)

What is Support Facilitation?

Two teachers are providing direct instruction (not co-teaching). One teacher is certified in basic education and one teacher is certified in special education. The general education teacher is teaching the course content and an ESE teacher provides services in the basic education classroom setting.

Gifted Program

  • Consult model

  • K-8

  • 2 teachers with Gifted Endorsements


Our files are audited by the district twice a year, October and February.  We have procedures set in place that ensure that our files have been checked twice before district sees them.

Our first audit of the year was PERFECT!

Staffing Process

  1. School Based Intervention Team (SBIT)

  2. —Tiered Interventions

  3. —In-School Staffing

  4. —Open Evaluation

  5. —Eligibility Determination Meeting

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