ESE Team

Specials Team

Preschool Team


Administrative Team
Ray Polk - Director
Tami Flournory - Middle School Principal
Kathy Hobby - Intermediate Principal
Marcia Dwyer - Primary Principal
Ray Polk, Elementary Education
Primary Team
Marcia Dwyer - Early Childhood Education, Educational Leadership,
Elementary Education, ESOL
Ashley Gilmore - Elementary Education, Reading, ESOL
Heather McKendree - PreKindergarten/Primary Education, ESOL
Amanda Reutimann - PreKindergarten/Primary Education, Reading, ESOL
First Grade
Janet Nathe - Elementary Education, PreKindergarten/Primary Education,
Mentally Handicapped, ESOL
Nancy McKendree - Elementary Education, Reading, ESOL
Trisha Sharpe - PreKindergarten/Primary Education, ESE
Diane Felts - PreKindergarten/Primary Education, ESOL
Second Grade
Jill Jolly - Elementary Education, Primary Education
Erica McCarthy - Elementary Education, ESE, ESOL
Lisa Chambers - Elementary Education
Intermediate Team
Kathy Hobby - Elementary Education, Primary Education, Gifted
3rd Grade
Adeline Ward - Elementary Education, ESE, ESOL                     
Wendy Briscoe - Elementary Education, Reading, Gifted, ESOL
Cassy Bruno - Elementary Education, Reading, ESOL
4th Grade
Ashley Cantwell - Elementary Education, PreKindergarten/Primary Education
Melinda Verner - Elementary Education, English, Reading, ESOL
Torrie Wootton - Elementary Education, PreKindergarten/Primary Education, ESOL
5th Grade
Samantha Beatty - Elementary Education, ESOL
Shannon Daughtery - Elementary Education, ESOL
Virgil Jones - Elementary Education, General Science, ESOL
Bonnie Lajoie - Elementary Education, Reading, ESE, ESOL
Bonnie Williams - ESE
Middle School
Tami FlournoryEducational Leadership, Social Science, Elementary Education, ESOL
Melissa Bailey - Biology, General Science, Elementary Education
Robin Carter - Agriculture, Elementary Education, Reading, ESOL
Stephanie Demmons - Spanish, PreKindergarten/Primary Education, ESOL
Michele Durden - Mathematics
Lura Fehir - Mathematics
Lori Gauttier - Elementary Education, Mathematics
Shannon Jones - Reading, Elementary Education, ESE, ESOL
Kim Ladd - English, Reading, Elementary Education, ESOL
Susan Minsberg - General Science
Stephanie Nangle - Elementary Education, Social Science
Kelly Picone - Elementary Education, English, Social Science
Andrew Ward - Music, Art
Gail Williamson - Art
ESE Team
Beth Rooks - ESE, Hearing Impaired, Elementary Education, ESOL
Kate Norton - ESE, PreKindergarten/Primary, Elementary Education
Linda Cain - ESE, English, Social Science, Reading
Specials Team
Tim Carter - Physical Education
Millie Esoff - Physical Education, Elementary Education
Jesse Johnson - Health, Physical Education
Andrew Ward - Music, Art
Gail Williamson - Art
Preschool Team
Jan Johnson - Director
Sara Lyons
Jennifer Regan
Victoria Sutton
Delynda Weisbrodt
Tutoring Program
John Twining - Mathematics, Middle School Integrated Curriculum, Social Science
The following teacher has agreed to teach out-of-field while completing course work/testing: 
At this time we do not have any teachers teaching out-of-field for the 2020-2021 school year. 
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