The Board of Directors

 The Board of Directors meet on the 3rd Monday of each month   at 5:30 PM at Academy at the Farm.

 The public is welcome.

 Requests to be placed on the agenda may be directed to Ray   Polk, Director.

 People interested in volunteering for Board membership may   request an application from Jutta Tallman   at:




Academy Board of Directors:


Suzanne Larkin, Chair

Will Bingham, President


Janay Rouser, Vice President

Karen Fouche, Secretary

Raymond Earl Sturwold, Treasurer

Richard Daniels, Jr.


Dan Fuston

 Lee Maggard

Mandy Jordan

Jarrod Scharber

Danny Burgess


Emily Lastowski


Dr. Jennifer Lister

2019-2020 Board Service Award Recipients


Lacy Boltin

Amanda Foster



Meeting Schedule

JULY 15, 2019

AUGUST 19, 2019

SEPTEMBER 16, 2019

OCTOBER 21, 2019

NOVEMBER 18, 2019 

DECEMBER 16, 2019

JANUARY 13, 2020

FEBRUARY 10, 2020

MARCH 9, 2020

APRIL 20, 2020

MAY 18, 2020

JUNE 15, 2020

Please check at our main school number (352-588-9737) to confirm meeting time and place.  On a rare occasions a meeting time or place could change.