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This is a call to action!


It is extremely important to AATF that you contact your state representatives and senators regarding equal Capital Outlay Funding for all public and charter schools!

The state legislature is currently in session and one of the topics up for discussion is Capital Outlay Funds (funds for buildings, grounds, utilities and structural improvements) for public and charter schools. When Academy at the Farm first opened, charter schools received about $1000 per student, per year. Over the years this amount has decreased tremendously. This past year, we received approximately $250 per student. These amounts are significantly lower than what the traditional public schools receive.  As you can imagine, our general funds take a hit when capital funds drop. We need your voice!

If you have already contacted your state legislators, thank you. If not, please take the time to contact your state representative and senator to voice your concern over this very important issue. This will only take a few minutes of your time but could mean a great deal to our school!  Below are the websites to find your representative and senator contact information. You can e-mail them directly from their websites. Your e-mails could include just a very brief sentence asking them to consider equal capital outlay funding for public and charter schools.

We would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to help secure our funding.
Find your state representative and senator here and send them an e-mail.


Thank you in advance,

D. Ray Polk
Academy at the Farm

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